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Benefits of Dermatoglyphics


Accurately understand one’s  strengths and areas of improvement and the most effective learning style.

Dermatoglyphics Benefits: Services

Why do we need Dermatoglyphics?

To understand your child’s innate characteristic

Saves time and effort of Parents in understanding their children. The report shares ample knowledge of the child's inborn characteristics (curious, aggressive, rebellious, persistent etc.). To understand and to develop an effective way to interact with your child based on their inborn communication style. For adults, this test can be used for self-evaluation and compatibility with family, spouse or business partner.

Dermatoglyphics Benefits: Services

Recommended books for Dermatoglyphics industry

The Fingerprint Sourcebok

U.S. Department of Justice


World Anthropology

The Science of Fingerprints

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Origin of Finger-Printing

Sir William J. Herschel

Fingerprint Directories

Francis Galton


Henry Faulds

Dermatoglyphics Benefits: List

Authors with significant contribution in the field of Dermatoglyphics

Faulds (1905), Hellwig (1912), Carriere (1923), Ganther (1923), Roscher (1925), Furuhata (1927), Heindl (1927), 
Bonnevie (1929), Cummins (1930, 1934, 1961), Metiner (1930), Gerke (1932), Harster (1932), Saller (1932), 
Abel (1933, 1935), Geipel (1935, 1937), Kirchmair (1936), Csik (1927), Henry (1937), MacArther (1937), Pol (1937), 
Dankmeijer (1938), De Pina (1939), Okuma (1940), Kumbnani (1959, 1968, 1972, 1978, 1984, 1990, 1991, 2005), 
Singh (1961), Volotzkoy (1961), Bali (1968), Sen (1968), Clercil (1969), Bhanu (1975), Mavalwala (1977), 
Singh and Bhasin (1979), Livshits (1987), Micle (1988), Kamali (1990), Bhasin and Walter (2001)

Dermatoglyphics Benefits: Text
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