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The Company

A holistic consulting company offering various services to the clients across the globe

Kiran Consulting Company serves our clients with the impression ‘Your dream matters…’ which means that our priority is the needs of our client.

‘Kiran’ literally means Ray and what we mean about Kiran in Kiran Consulting Company is the ray of hope. This is the reason why our primary focus is to understand the root cause in order to provide the optimal consultation.

The name ‘Kiran’ itself indicates our five primary pillars i.e., Knowledge, Integrity, Reliability, Availability & Nurturing. The red color A indicates that with the help of Availability, we can practically implement the other four pillars i.e., Knowledge, Integrity, Reliability & Nurturing. Black color text indicates that Kiran Consulting Company holds the boldness & power to make the change that’s required in this current era. The circle above A with five colors not only indicates these five primary pillars but also indicates five elements. Green color indicates Earth, Orange color indicates Fire, Blue color indicates Water, Gray color indicates Metal & Brown color indicates Wood. The circular shape of these five colors indicates the endless cyclic movement and represents unity & protection. Last but not least, our slogan i.e. “Your dream matters…” holds the upmost position that indicates that no matter what, our top priority is to help our clients meeting their dreams.

The Company: Services

The Heritage

Kiran Consulting Company has a unique consulting approach which blends the ancient knowledge along with the modern knowledge. We believe that Body-Mind connection can only be completed by connecting Soul as well. That’s why we talk about Body-Mind-Soul connection. The Nature V/S Nature debate is endless. So, we have taken the responsibility to Nature the Nurture.

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