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Classroom of Tomorrow (EKA & Class-O-Graph)

The progress of a nation cannot be separated from the awareness of the importance of education. Education is a source of future power, it has been proven to turn dark history into the light of a civilization. The father of Indonesian Education System, Ki Hadjar Dewantara, said that every human being is born with an innate nature. It is also contained in psychological theory, that every individual has an innate nature which will later be developed through interactions in their environment. Ki Hadjar Dewantara also said that the development of a complete human being requires the development of all powers in a balanced way which is called the mental power, namely creativity (thoughts), intention (intentions/wills), and works(deeds). This balance already exists in every human being, but support from the environment is needed to become an independent human being, able to understand self, the purpose in life, and be responsible for the life.

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EKA gives information about the child / studen's Left V/s Right Brain Inborn abilities distribution. Logical v/s Creative nature and many more.

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As a parent, the need to provide best learning and developmental environment for our child is always a top priority. As parents we all hand hold our child in nurturing and developing them through their key stages of life.  With a sea of options for child development easily available in the neighborhood or within our own home, if only we understand the right pathway to nurture, will we be in a better position to create conducive environments for our child’s growth.

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Daya Jiwa gives a place for every child and every child in its place using EKA & Class-O-Graph. As Teachers we all are aware of how to teach a particular class and at the same time how to manage the students. If we take a step forward in creating a co-learning environment in the classroom it only adds value to the efforts put in by the respective teacher. By creating an invisible but still existing demarcation within the seating arrangements of the students, Class-O-Graph is actually aiding in creating a conducive group formation.

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Class-wise inborn potential mapping

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