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Indonesia DMIT

One Indonesia One DMIT

After extensive ground work in the field of DMIT in Indonesia, since last one decade there are many lessons learnt, which prompted us to take an initiative to build a singular uniform brand under DMIT. The objective of each and every professional in the field of DMIT is common i.e., to increase the happiness quotient of the child, parent, working professional and every other client.

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Features of One Indonesia One DMIT

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One Indonesia One DMIT reveals information about Left V/s Right Brain Inborn characteristics. This helps understand the dominant part of the brain.

Our Solution

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Every individual is complete in itself but it is the self-realization and right application of best abilities that makes one human different from another. We help you identify your true potential, how you have been designed and how to optimize your overall skill sets which lead to a highly successful vocation. Being able to identify your key performing areas and learning preferences can be the best gift one can ask for and One Indonesia One DMIT is all about that.

Our Product

In the year 2020, we marked it as a year where we erased the word competition from our minds and looked at the CO-OPERATION. It’s a thought process that includes simultaneous co-operation between us. As an initiative towards CO-OPERATION , Kiran Consulting Company is proud to announce its new product “One Indonesia One DMIT”, an accurate and high quality DMIT Report for a genuine practitioner / consultant.

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Report generated under the mentorship of Ed Campbell and Marcus Leng.

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